MelloDigital is a bait and switch scam. They lure you in with low prices and then try to sell you something more expensive, and if you don't comply, your order ultimately gets canceled.

I ordered a camera lens and some batteries on November 26. The website specifically said the items were in stock. I got a call back the next business day saying the item was on back order. They asked what kind of camera I had and said they knew all about that model. They also said this more expensive lens was better and I should buy it. I said "no thanks, I'll just wait for my order". I also mentioned that the website said the items were in stock, and the person said "it was wrong".

Several days ago my credit card was charged. My order status said "ready to ship" for several days, and today, December 23, they sent me this, after waiting weeks for my order.

"Dear XYZ,

Due to unexpected volume this holiday season, we have not been able to fulfill all of our orders. Our vendors simply could not keep up with the demand, therefore we have credited your card in the amount of $184.77. Should the case arise where the credit does not appear on your statement within 5 business days you will need to contact your issuing bank. You should be able to find the appropriate contact number on the back of your credit card or a recent credit card billing statement. You should advise your bank that you have a charge which you are disputing and would like an immediate refund of the charge. Should there be any further questions feel free to contact us at 866-276-7956. We understand the inconvenience this might have caused you and sincerely apologize. We wish you and your families a happy holiday.

Thank you for shopping at MelloDigital.com"

Don't shop from these bums unless you want a lot of hassle for nothing.

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